About Us

Your home is your sanctuary. Everyone deserves the opportunity to curate the rooms in their home into places where they can easily find peace and relaxation; places that revive our senses and re-energize us to take on the world each new day. WonderHome is here to help: expertly-crafted home décor solutions that truly become a reflection of you. Create a space that you are proud to share with friends and loved ones, at prices that you can feel good about.
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Our Story

WonderHome began as an idea, synthesized by a small team of manufacturing entrepreneurs and a group of young, sophisticated designers. The manufacturers, owning and operating their own factory, were hungry to break into the fast-moving American market. The designers, each descending from different areas and walks of life, converged on New York City eager to put their talents to work.

Upon coming together, each group’s journey showed them the way that they wanted to direct their efforts. The production team had gained invaluable experience selling into international markets around the globe. The designers, having soaked up NYC and being a culturally-diverse group themselves, prided themselves in their versatility.  Together, they came up with a common goal: create environmentally responsible, globally-inspired products of uncompromising quality.

With strong, multi-faceted production techniques and a design team with so many cultural influences and a great understanding of market trends, the partnership allows for WonderHome to create beautiful home décor that resonates with anyone, while being affordable to nearly everyone.

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