OEKO-TEX Certified

OEKO-TEX is an association with strict adherence to the respect of human rights, core labor standards, and environmental protection. They're committed to high social ethical and environmental standards.

OEKO-TEX encourages respectful and equal treatment of all workforce members. Business practices governed by integrity, honesty, fair dealings in full compliance with legal requirements. Fair business behavior and practices through the prevention of bribery and any cause of corruption. Measures regarding efficient use of resources and progressing towards green chemistry. 

OEKO-TEX is also committed to no use of any child or forced labor. The rights of freedom of opinion, expression, and protection of privacy. That no discrimination or disadvantages towards any staff members because of sex, race, age, disability, ethnicity, cultural background, religion, or sexual orientation. That a company protects its staff members from physical, sexual, physiological or verbal harassment, as well as intimidation and abuse. Working wages cover all basic needs and expenses of its workers and that male and female workers receive equal wages for work of equal value. 

We're proud to say that all of our facilities are OEKO-TEX certified and that Oeko-Tex ensures all of our products have been tested and proven to be harmless to health without sacrificing the quality of our textiles. 

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